The Real Story


Back in 2002, whilst on the lecture at KU, a fellow student shouted to the teacher: “Nobody can do that! Well, except for Fil, he's not a human". The course supported him by laughing, and I thanked those around me and the next day I ordered myself a designed T-shirt with my breaking boundaries credo "Fuck All Limits".

Becoming SuperFil

I started actively looking for my superpowers when I was 12 years old: as an entrepreneur, I've organized the collection of bottles at the market, and my brother drove them for 25%. This is how my first game console and the ZX-Spectrum appeared, rising love for gaming, programming, and a desire to change the world and achieve superresults.


Endurance, courage and a mathematical mind gave rise to such superpowers as "explore the unknown, structure the inexpressible and heroically solve problems by breaking all barriers." This way, multifunctional PAEI, rigid ENTJ, developed 8 out of 12 archetypes, I'm breaking through every sphere of interest. As an example, having won a TV program 3 times, they didn't invite me to attend again :)

Sports and Superhealth

The fact that my superblood never tasted alcohol and nicotine in my entire life helped me to become a 3-time champion of the country on adventure travel both individually, in bundles, and in a team. The fear of heights was overcome, so I ran my first 50 km marathon for a bet even without getting ready.


The ultraactive karate and b-boy began to study and teach under 18. But even having doubled this age, I did not stop practicing these and other multi-practices every day (various yoga, running, rollerblading, skating, snowboarding, climbing, pilates, hiking, kite, surfing, windsurfing, jumping, hardening, flyjumpers, golf, etc.).

Travel and Siteprotisation

Being extremely active: I have travelled around all 50 states of America in 10 weeks (32,000+ km). I've explored over 120 countries at the same pace, visiting more places in each than the average local or tourist. At least two last annual trips strengthened the business with new clients (siteprotisation), partners, video interviews and ideas.


Left the office for a week, and hasn't been there for a year. Moreover, this is in pandemic and on the African off-road. Where else to develop the superspirit, if not by scaring away hyenas whilst mending jeeps in places with no mobile network or cities nearby. You begin to distinguish when lions can only be stroked, with which cheetahs you can canoodle, and how to properly scoot from elephants. You have to pick up archeideas where mortals do not get them and get inspired by cosmopolitanism ideas.

Business and Social Contributions