12. Think differently. Spread the optimism

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

If everyone believed that the markets were on the increase, they would be spending money and there would be less economic uncertainty.


A story about a fairy-tale country


Once there was a fairy-tale country, where life was perfect- people had jobs that they liked, they led happy and satisfied lives. However, one day a rumour was spread that a scary crisis was coming. People were whispering to each other that the situation would only get worse.


The result: the residents of the fairy-tale country started spending less money and started keeping all their savings "in socks"; therefore, a lot of businesses came to a halt. In the process of their optimisation, a lot of workers were fired; companies stopped taking risks (progress stopped, as "not taking risks is a greater risk"). In the beginning the country was so ideal; it was only the opinions and beliefs that had changed!


Those who practice Buddhism always and everywhere see only positive news. Everything that happens is only for the better.


Pessimism is a lack of optimism, and the best quotation that suits this theme is: "Pessimism is a mood. Optimism is the will."


A couple can rent a small apartment and live there happily, feeling only warmth and love towards each other. Another couple will be unhappy even in the most luxurious house. Happiness does not depend on the circumstances.


The world is great and everything in it depends on us. We are the ones who can change it. Therefore, let us think differently!