14. So play these games

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

What do you think are the origins and the sources of the crisis? You do not have to look far, and to see them better you should look in the mirror. Fear and greed govern us all. The difference is that some are able to master their weaknesses, while others are left to be timeless slaves of these feelings.


In the same way, we make the crisis and the negative emotions that are carried within it, we can also get out of it by ourselves.


Everything in life is a game. A game that is played according to known, already existing rules, but that does not take them into account. A crisis is not an exception; you can perceive it as one of life's games.


How does the real property market differ from the paper one in the game of Monopoly? Simply a larger number of players take our banknotes which were bought outside of the game.


However, in Monopoly, we are not afraid to take risks. This rarely happens in real-life business.


These are the times: need is not a decoration and poverty does not bring out the feeling of compassion in others, which is why people get absorbed in the game - money. Unfortunately, the majority of people often start playing a game that is governed by some previously established rules and which was begun by some other player.


Those who gamble in casinos know how the feelings differ when you "open" a table and when you simply join in the game.