15. Promote a healthy state of mind. Believe!

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Seemingly unlucky people think about their problems or discuss them with others 80 per cent of the time. Lucky people think about the chances or contemplate them with others 80 per cent of the time.


About the memory


A person forgets 50 per cent of newly acquired information during the following 24 hours (this is why it is more effective to study the night before an exam). Unfortunately, together with poor knowledge all good ideas evaporate out of our heads.


When we get to know something new, only a small portion of it will later be left in our heads. However, if you read this information one more time, a bigger part of it would have been left in your head (we know this from our school days).


But how can we remember even more? Correct, we can write it down.And even more? Yes, we can write it down, re-read it and also listen to it. Any more ways? We can try it out, experience it. How can we remember more and more? We can remember the maximum load of information by teaching others. This way we can remember up to 95 per cent of the information. Moreover, you share your ideas with others and fruitful discussions take place. As Aristotle said, "During discussions truths are born".


You can create a positive news website or write a book about ways to avoid a crisis - it is a challenge and the mere process of creation is already a way of improving one's mood. When your head is full of thoughts on ways of improving the given situation, whether you want it to be or not, you will be moving in the right direction. Maybe some will laugh at you and ask you how the optimist is going along in life, but this will only remind you of your goals. What is more, it is said that a big job does not always have to end successfully to get a positive reaction.


Timothy Ferris observed that "there is no such thing as complicated and easy selling, there is smart and stupid selling". Exactly the same thing can be said about the majority of other jobs. The possibilities are there, you just have to find them.


Think healthy, believe in this, and the results will not force you to wait long!