16. Create strategies and live them out

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

At the end of the year the biggest "gifts" will be given to those who have the biggest profits or those who have recorded a growth in their business. Do not forget to think about such people and draw some conclusions.


Even if the situation on the market is bad, at the end of the year there will always be such people who managed to use the time of crisis for their own benefit. The biggest redistribution of wealth is carried out exactly at the time of crises.


Just remember the first American crisis of the 20th century. The main bank passed from the government into private hands, and this helps the shareholders earn more money even now.


It does matter how bad everything is, we repeat, there will always be such people, who do not suffer during hard times, but on the contrary, managed to use this time for their benefit. At the end of the year somebody will be rewarded, this we can be sure of. These people will not tell you about ways to save paper and electricity every day, but they will boast about having a good strategy.


Each and every one of us has the same chances of success.


Now is exactly the time that demands the creation of strategies, the ability to implement them and sometimes, inevitably, making mistakes. "The more mistakes we make, the faster we learn."


Live, create, make mistakes and move forward!