18. Control your thoughts

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

Are you still repeating the word "crisis"? Be careful with your thoughts. In other words, think about WHAT you are thinking. The phrase "and the word became the body" is not just a simple saying taken from the bible, which, by the way, exists only because somebody long ago invented it (just like the crisis) and "released" it into the world to be used by those who would "buy" it.


When everybody around you is only talking about the crisis, do not think about its types, essence, course, aftermath, etc. Instead, think of the ways of surviving it at this particular moment.


Think about those who "buy" the game "crisis" and then take part in it. The most famous expression “bread and circuses" is undying. Even if there is no bread, people still want at least some entertainment.


When will everything change? For some, it has already changed - by changing their worldview. Just do not assume that changing your way of thinking is so hard. Everything is easy while there are no people who decide to complicate their life and the lives of those close to them.