19. Laugh at the crisis

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

Often people blame crisis for all their misfortunes, yet we can simply laugh at them.


Mikhail Zadornov once said: "Some people become angry because of the crisis, some don't". Even this simple thing already brings me happiness. I become so happy when I watch the news: somebody went bankrupt, someone got fired. It's high time to get rid of those "good" managers and office plankton who like to emphasise their great positions, but cannot accomplish anything. It is time to understand that the crisis has a cleaning effect."


The list of resemblances between different crises is huge; here are several points:


• The service becomes faster and better.

• The prices for the services drop (some of them go down threefold).

• There are less traffic jams in the streets.

• You notice less tiresome advertisements.

• If you are happy, you have less competition.

• It is easier to take a girl to a restaurant (if you are paying, of course).

• The huge house of your neighbour is down in price.


"Every day that you live without a smile is a day wasted." (Charlie Rivel)