20. Acquire, have, and maintain your individuality

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

Follow the path that seems right for you and do not follow the one which is taken by the masses.


Okay, let's say that right now there is a crisis. What next? Everyone sees: 


• either the thing that they want to see

• or the thing that the rest see

• or the thing that they have to see


Therefore, we can follow the path that is taken by the majority or go down the one that we should follow. The latter is wonderful and time-proven advice, yet, it is not that popular... This is because of the prevailing fear. The fear of change, the fear of doing something different from the rest, and the fear of thinking differently from the rest.


It is possible that you have heard some jokes about yourself, that if everybody around you is panicking and you remain calm, that this means you're not aware of something important.


Yes, it is really easy to fall into a state of panic. If everyone around you is talking about a crisis, it means that it really is there, even if, for example, one or several people do not notice it. Then, this one or several people start looking at their situation anew, and start noticing a little bit more of the things happening around them. If they do not succeed, others help them. Observe it in order to spot this crisis, and do it with great pleasure. After all, the majority of those who are covered with "shit" cannot stand and cover others with this "goodness", if they do not want it to happen. As the saying goes, if a person smells, he covers others with it.


How can you remain calm in such situations? This one's easy -you just ignore it. You ignore the gloomy mood, the smeared surroundings, and those around you. In this case, the attitude that looks cynical and arrogant is justifiable.


After all, how many times have you skipped one party or another when you were supposedly sick? And all of this just to avoid someone who is a pain in the neck? Have you ever had such situations? Yes, of course! This should become your habit.


Is it bad? Is it bad because you will lose acquaintances, buddies, and friends? The crisis is in itself purification. So why don't you purify yourself from the surroundings, from some of your milieu that are really not good for you?