22. A winter's tale

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

- Mommy, will the winter really end?

- Yes, of course my dear child it can't be any other way.

- Mommy, look how cold it is. Yesterday it was warmer and daddy said that tomorrow it will be even colder.

- Yes, it will be colder and then the spring will come.

- Mommy, what will happen if spring doesn't come or if it is so cold that even spring won't be able to change it?

- Spring always comes for the seasons change; sometimes it happens that one of them is a bit longer, but that is only for a short time.

- What if it doesn't come this time? Let's say it did always come, but now it won't?

- You are cold that’s why you’re thinking this way.

- But it's possible that summer won’t come...

- My dear child, imagine yourself as the centre of the galaxy. Earth has been going round in circles around the Sun for 4 billion years; this means that this many times winter gave way to summer and day changed into night more than a trillion times. Do you think that something can change in the following 100 years?

- I guess no.

- So relax, take your skis and enjoy winter because when summer comes you will need neither your skis nor your sled.