4. Use the advantages – act!

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

A story about a wolf and a hare


Once a wolf didn't catch a hare. A week passed, but he couldn't find himself a new victim. How does he behave?

• He doesn't stop looking for his prey.

• He starts searching in a different place.

• He joins with other wolves to unite forces and optimise the hunt.


The most interesting facts are:

• He doesn't accuse other wolves of his failure.

• He doesn't blame the circumstances.

• He is not stressed.


A story about people and mammoths


Once upon a time there lived a tribe. One season they caught only 7 mammoths instead of 10. The next season they caught 2, later they didn't catch anything. The people became angry with the gods, with the circumstances, with other fellow tribesmen and with themselves. Yet, the hunters:

• gather their belongings and go to another forest (there is a possibility that there are more mammoths which had changed their migration paths).

• start hunting other animals, learn farming or start gathering their food in the nearby forest.

• make new and more effective tools and optimise their nutrition.


At the same time another tribe is sitting (either with a pessimistic or an optimistic view on things) and waiting for happier days. Then starvation comes, the number of people decreases and after a year when the mammoths return the tribe is already extinct and only their name remains.


Choose which one of the tribes you want to belong to. Take measures. Problems make strong people even stronger.


We will reveal the main secret: the only way to change something is to stop complaining and to start acting. Of course, this will not be easy. It will be even harder than you think. But there will also be results.