5. While your opponents are wavering, overtake them

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

Research was once carried out during which 700 companies established in the USA were observed. It found that in times of crisis, it is two times easier to take over the leading position. The rotation on the market is very quick. And conversely, of course, it is easy to lose the leading market position.


J. Goddard, who acted as a consultant to many of the leading European enterprises, said that the most well-known companies use crises as an opportunity to make wholesale changes, and to try out new ways of business organisation that allow them to successfully compete in the market.


Taking this into consideration this description would be valid: the best way to overcome a crisis is to have the ability to change quickly. The undulating wave of change decreases its period and that is why the rotation during a year takes place a numerous number of times. The "coolest" company is able to change, and the lazy ones are lacking the time or the inclination to change because it is easier for them to do nothing and blame the government. What do most people do in similar circumstances? They blame everything around and this is the easiest way of doing nothing.


The real leader distinguishes and shows himself in a tough situation. There you go - use them! What do we call an organism that is 100 percent dependent on the environment? That's right, bacteria. However, there are also such organisms that have the ability to change the environment and adapt to it. It is a human being.


When you stroke a cat, it purrs. But, if you try to touch it when it is hungry or has had a fight with a dog, you will encounter a different result. In both cases, the cat is sharing its mood with us. You can do the same by controlling yourself and spreading only good emotions. Share the optimism!


Charles Darwin said, that not the strongest and not the smartest survive, but the species that have managed to adapt. In other words, those who change over time survived. While your opponent is wavering, get down to specific actions. Don't think about how to survive, but how to get ahead. Get ahead.