6. Make use of the only way to fulfil yourself

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

A tough economic situation is the right time to show yourself and everybody else what you are made of. You must understand that there won't be a better time to unveil yourself to the full. You can imagine it like a bow and arrow target competition. For example, we have 100 competitors who are trying to find out which one of them is stronger and more accurate. We will examine two situations.


The first one is when the market is on the rise. Everyone is shooting from the same distance  1 metre. The possibility that the majority of shooters will hit the target is very high  approximately 95 out of 100 people will hit the bullseye. This, of course, is true if there are no outright losers or simply lazy people among them.


The same is true in business. When the situation in the market is stable, it is easier to achieve your goals. What motivation is there to become a leader in this situation? The player is not interested in competing and this means that he is not viable as a businessman and is not a leader. However, such business situations when everybody is equal and there is a lack of competition simply do not exist. That's why we will analyse the second up-to-date variant: a slump in the market.


Let us imagine this time the 100 competitors will be shooting from a distance of 100 metres. The possibility that they will all hit the bullseye is rather low. Only 2-3 people will be accurate and skillful enough to hit at least the edge of the target. And just those few will become the real leaders and will receive the sought-after prize.


The second situation is the right time for leaders. The vast majority of possibilities are presented to the players precisely at the time of the "downfall" of the market when the weak ones leave the field and only the strong and competitive ones are left.


Let the time of crisis be an act of survival for others, for you this should be the time of opportunities.