7. Strive for bigger goals

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

You can conquer the competition if you work more (including overtime)...


This is easy to prove. According to statistics, 80% of people work 40 hours a week, and only less than 10% work 65 hours a week. It is easy to guess who is in the more advantageous situation.


Research has shown that employees who work 4045 hours a week get an average salary, while their managers spend 5055 hours a week at work. Leaders of huge companies and international corporations work non-stop for 6065 hours a week and they have salaries to match their efforts.


But of course, the quality of a person's work is not measured in working hours, but in the effectiveness of the employee. You should not forget this if you want to achieve something.


When the competition is "pressing", experts recommend placing higher goals before oneself. This can save a businessman from unnecessary stress and emotional overload because all the energy will be directed towards new achievements.


Finally, we will provide an example: during mass gatherings (shows, concerts, etc.) the alcohol trade is brisk. Here we have tens and hundreds of beer stands trying to sell their product to the public, and from time to time very successfully. But the town also has specialised shops where the choice is bigger and the profits will be higher than those of the beer stands. There are very few people who plan to buy a brewery to supply the stores and stands with alcohol. This would be the most profitable business of all. Yet, only a small amount of people think of this, even though there are a lot more possibilities (without real competition).


That is why when you set yourself a higher goal, you will gain it earlier than others who are not planning to do so.