8. Change quickly – take chances

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

95 percent of the decisions that we make after a day or a week of thinking about them, correlate absolutely with those that first came to our minds. This means that we waste days, weeks, and years deciding upon something that we already know!


"Real leaders decide quickly and change slowly. Bad leaders do everything on the contrary." (Henry Ford). "One who does not make mistakes does not learn." (Albert Einstein). Children are not afraid to make a mistake, which is why they learn so quickly. 60 percent of business decisions are faulty. Think about that! A little over every second decision we make is wrong!


Thomas Edison, who had more than 3000 of the world's patents, wanted to start selling safe electrical light bulbs. After 7500 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb, one journalist asked him a question: "How do you manage to stay optimistic when you face so many failures?"


Edison answered: "Who told you that my experiments are unsuccessful? Now I know 7500 ways that don't work."


And Edison invented the successfully working light bulb after 8000 attempts!


If the results with each month are becoming even worse, this means that you have to change quickly. Doing one and the same thing over and over again you will definitely have the same - declining results. If you want a higher salary or higher sales volumes, you must change. If you want to stay in the same unfavourable situation  continue doing the same things as before. Do you want everything to be better? Change. Now!


Besides, now is the time when we must make mistakes, and make them as many times as necessary, thus, we will quickly learn from them. Do this because your opponents will always "swallow" your unused opportunities. Now is the right time!