Aphorisms by SuperFil

Had some time for thinking...

  1. Life gives a second chance to those who used the first one.

  2. Beauty is something that you lack.

  3. A tax officer is a person to whom we pay a salary to monitor if we pay it correctly.

  4. Persuasion is useless, manipulation is much more effective.

  5. I don’t know how to manage properly, but I do know how to fire well.

  6. You become the person you don't want to be.

  7. Helping others makes you live longer.

  8. Derive pleasure not from eating more, but from eating for a longer time.

  9. Let everybody go their own way.

  10. Trees enjoy every second.

  11. Nature has only simple principles.

  12. Trees grow where there is more warmth.

  13. Meaning is where we create it.

  14. To rest your brain means to let your heart talk to the world of spirits.

  15. Dreams require a lot of money.

  16. All problems are psychological.

  17. If you depend on the environment, easily change it.

  18. You have more of yourself in others — listen to them.

  19. You need to know your boundaries and expand beyond them.

  20. Your business is the way your life is.

  21. If you fail — it is time to live!

  22. Ideas are everywhere and in everything. Basically, every team member or customer tells you how to develop the company.

  23. All limits are in your strongest abilities. Everything seems to be fine there, so you don't see those limits.

  24. Problems do not have problems.

  25. The most difficult thing is to find huge potential in a very complicated situation.


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