1. Expand your business while others are trying to stay in the market

Video with author's comments (English subtitles)

"The time of opportunities is not always a crisis, but a crisis is always the time for opportunities", say those, who look at the existing economic situation optimistically.

In Chinese the word "crisis" is written: 危機.
危 – "dangerous", "critical"
機 – "lucky moment", "crucial point".

The Chinese look at this from a philosophical point of view. They assure themselves that now is the time when everything is changing very quickly. The choice is before you: who you are now and who you will become in the future.
The majority of people are used to living in warm and comfortable houses, and do not have even the slightest interest in changing anything. They are afraid of a challenge and react to all changes negatively.
We can only "thank" our ancestors for the negative emotions that are assumed by the word "crisis". We'd like to offer to change this word with the expression "time of opportunity", as we believe it fits better, especially in today's business market.
Listen to the mesmerising stories that happened during the "time of opportunities". During these times Google reached its highest results and Microsoft bought Skype. More than 1500 companies went bankrupt during the time of opportunities, and the same number became expanded their operations.
The best times are always ahead. During the time of opportunities, a great number of people found a more interesting job and are now feeling on top of the world.

This is our motto: "The time of opportunities is right now. So use it!"